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Data Sharing & Privacy

Fostering Responsible, Privacy-Protected Data Sharing

Federal agencies are increasingly sharing data collected from programs, surveys, or other activities with each other to generate better insights and to minimize data collection burden on the American public. Sharing such valuable information can fuel more useful, actionable insights, bolster decision-making, and eleavte the value of data as an asset. This work must work hand-in-hand with privacy standards, because the more agencies share information, the more they must regard privacy protections to guard sensitive data. Activities include: 

    • Improved privacy protected access to government data, including historically restricted data where use restrictions can be examined or revisited, such as income and earnings data
    • Establishment of processes to identify priority areas for adopting data and privacy standards
    • Reasonable applications of privacy-enhancing technologies for sensitive or restricted data
    • Legislative Priorities: Data Infrastructure Grant Program

Key Laws

National Secure Data Service Act

Press Releases and Statements


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