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Upcoming events

    • March 07, 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    • Virtual

    The Data Foundation is excited to feature HData in an upcoming webinar, "Demystifying AI and Simplifying Regulatory Reporting," on March 7 at 1:00 p.m. During the webinar Luke Ashton, Regulatory Economist at HData, will dive deeper into what foundations will make for reliable and usable AI results, potential uses of AI in regulatory reporting and analysis, and examples of HData's platform at work!

    HData is the winner of the FDTA PitchFest 2023: Unlocking the Vision of the Financial Data Transparency Act. A panel of 3 judges reviewed and voted on 11 competitive entries, and HData’s was selected as the top pitch, presenting on "AI to Explore Structured Regulatory Data." As part of the prize for being selected as the top pitch, the Data Foundation is featuring HData in an exclusive webinar.



    • Luke Ashton, Regulatory Economist, HData
    • Ashley Nelle-Davis, Chief of Staff, Data Foundation (Moderator)

Past events

February 22, 2024 Storytelling with Data: Cases that Demonstrate the Power of Using Evidence in Decision-Making
January 17, 2024 The Evidence Act: From Promise to Progress - Examining Impacts and Charting the Path Forward
December 19, 2023 Leveraging Data for Mission Success: Findings from the 2023 Survey of Federal Chief Data Officers
December 12, 2023 Stakeholder Engagement for Evidence Building
December 06, 2023 PitchFest 2023: Unlocking the Vision of the Financial Data Transparency Act
November 07, 2023 govDATAx 2023
June 15, 2023 Improving the Government Experience: Building Trust with the Public Sector’s Customers with Better Services
June 07, 2023 Innovations in Government Policymaking
May 04, 2023 Eager for AI: A Briefing on Prioritizing Data Readiness in Government
April 11, 2023 RegTech 2023 Data Summit: Data Modernization under the Financial Data Transparency Act
January 19, 2023 Next Steps: Implementing the Financial Data Transparency Act
September 13, 2022 Evidence Commission 5 Years Later: Markers of Success, Areas for Continued Progress
June 22, 2022 2022 Virtual Research Symposium: Assessing Capacity for Using Data to Build Actionable Evidence
May 19, 2022 Federal Financial Executives Accelerating Data Innovation and Transparency
May 05, 2022 Financial Data Transparency Forum
April 28, 2022 Accelerating AI and Innovations Across the DOE Enterprise: A Path to Success and Impact on Mission Objectives
March 16, 2022 AI Public Forum x RegTech22 Data Summit
January 25, 2022 Advancing Data in Homeland Security: Implementing the Evidence Act & the Federal Data Strategy at DHS
December 07, 2021 RegTech Solutions Showcase
November 18, 2021 RegTech 2021 Series: Driving the ESG Ecosystem with Auditable, Standardized, and Machine-Readable Data
November 09, 2021 Forum: CDO Mission and Vision
November 03, 2021 How Digitalization Creates Data Assets to Fuel Innovation & Transform Mission Operations
October 21, 2021 RegTech Series 2021: The ESG Corporate Reporting Data Lifecycle (Part 3)
September 30, 2021 GovDatax 2021 Datum Awards
September 14, 2021 Better Transparency for Federal Budget Formulation: A Discussion of the CBJ Transparency Act
August 29, 2021 RegTech 2021: Making Artificial Intelligence Real: The Future of Government Use of AI
July 15, 2021 The Talent Pipeline for Data Science in Government: Strengthening the Workforce for AI, Data Analytics, and Data Governance
July 07, 2021 Building Federal Evaluation Capacity: A Discussion of the New White House Evaluation and Learning Agenda Guidance
June 30, 2021 Policing in America: Racial and Ethnic Variations in Perspectives on Police Activities
June 17, 2021 The Future of the GREAT Act: Improving Grants Efficiency and Transparency with Better Data
June 02, 2021 What the Biden Budget Means for the Data and Evidence Communities
May 18, 2021 Data Symposium 2021: Exploring Emerging Data Capabilities in Government
May 06, 2021 AI Solutions Showcase
April 08, 2021 Issues in Evaluation: Improving Performance Measurement and Evaluation
March 30, 2021 DATA Act in Action: Successfully Leveraging Financial Data to Optimize Spending Decisions
March 24, 2021 Innovations in Privacy-Preserving Tech: Applications for Government Data Sharing
March 18, 2021 RegTech 2021 Series: Move.AI - Advancing Regulatory Technology with AI
March 09, 2021 The Role of Learning Agendas for Federal Agencies’ Pursuit of Evidence-Based Policymaking
March 02, 2021 Structuring the Data Office for Success
February 25, 2021 Solutions Showcase: Using Data to Support COVID-19 Response & Recovery
February 09, 2021 Prioritizing Scientific Integrity & Evidence-Based Policymaking: A Look at the White House Memo
February 04, 2021 21st Century Data Protection: Achieving New Safeguards While Promoting Data Accessibility
January 14, 2021 Evidence Act at 2: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities for 2021
January 11, 2021 Test Event
December 14, 2020 Evidence-Based Equity: Building Community and Trust for Evaluation and Evidence in the 21st Century
November 02, 2020 Forum: Federal Data Strategy Priorities for 2021
October 15, 2020 Improving Government-wide Information Policy Coordination
September 24, 2020 Effective Data Governance: A Discussion on the Role of Federal Chief Data Officers
September 18, 2020 Issues in Evaluation Series: Conditions to Consider in the Use of Randomized Experimental Designs in Evaluation
July 30, 2020 A Strategy for Modernizing Data Infrastructure in the United States: Implementing a National Secure Data Service
June 04, 2020 COVID Impact Survey Webinar: Week 3 Data Release
May 20, 2020 2020 Data Foundation Virtual Symposium
April 07, 2020 Data Literacy Programs 101: The What, Why and How to Get Started
February 20, 2020 Webinar: Exploring the Funding Options for the Evidence Act
October 24, 2019 Accelerating into a Digital Future: Simplifying Entity Identification for the Digital Age
June 10, 2019 Report Launch: Assessing Federal Blockchain Initiatives
October 10, 2018 Data Transparency 2018
October 17, 2017 TecNation 2017
September 26, 2017 Data Transparency 2017
June 08, 2017 DATA Act Training - June 2017
September 29, 2016 DATA Act Training
September 28, 2016 Data Transparency 2016
August 28, 2016 Making Open Data Stick: A Fireside Chat on Continuity
August 27, 2016 California Database Hunt - DC
May 03, 2016 DATA Act Implementation Forum: Using Financial Analytics and Data - Centric Reporting in Government
April 12, 2016 Door Stop Awards
March 04, 2016 Open Data Day DC

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