Data Coalition announces name change and sister organization

January 27, 2016 3:59 AM | Data Coalition Team (Administrator)

New Data Foundation will lead the way in open data research

Washington, D.C. – -Today the supporters and leadership of the Data Transparency Coalition, the nation’s only open data trade association, announced a new chapter in their campaign to standardize and publish all government information as open data.

The Data Transparency Coalition is changing its name to Data Coalition. “Our new name reflects the broad impact of open data: not only better transparency for citizens and investors, but also better management within government through analytics and cheaper compliance through standards-enabled automation,” said Hudson Hollister, founder and executive director of the Coalition.

Today also marks the launch of the Data Foundation, the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. Through research, education, and programming, the new Foundation will illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data. The new Foundation draws its initial support from the leading companies of the Coalition, plus Kearney & Company.

“As government agencies switch from paper-laden reports to digital reporting with structured data, companies like Workiva can automate the compliance process, which reduces errors and the costs of reporting,” said Mike Starr, Vice President of Governmental and Regulatory Affairs for Workiva. “Together, the Data Coalition and the new Data Foundation will provide the leadership needed to hasten the transformation from documents to data that can help change processes and, in turn, change the way people work.”

“The Data Coalition is driving transformative reforms, like the DATA Act,” said Bryce Pippert, a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, who also serves on both organizations’ boards. “ The new Data Foundation is the industry organization researching the benefits of these types of open data reforms — in support of better transparency for citizens, better management tools for government agencies, and enhancements to how information is shared and managed across government. Booz Allen Hamilton is proud to support both organizations.”

The Coalition will continue to pursue the full implementation of the DATA Act of 2014, the passage of the proposed Financial Transparency Act, and similar reforms to transform government information into open data. Meanwhile, the new Foundation’s potential initial research projects include a federal DATA Act survey, a study of standardized business reporting, and a cost-benefit analysis of the universal adoption of the Legal Entity Identifier.

Congressional champions of open data applauded the day’s announcements.

“I’m pleased to see the growth of the Data Coalition and the establishment of the new Data Foundation,” said Senator Mark Warner (D-VA). “We will only succeed in modernizing our government with the assistance and support of the tech industry. I’ve been excited to see the capabilities of Data Coalition members to republish, analyze, and automate federal information once it’s expressed as standardized data instead of documents.”

Alongside its research, the new Foundation will conduct educational programs, including the first-ever intensive DATA Act training program, to be co-produced on March 16-17 with the Performance Institute. The Foundation will also sponsor collaborative events, starting with the Open Data Day DC hackathon on March 4-5.

About the Data Foundation

The Data Foundation is the nation’s first industry-focused open data research organization. Through research, education, and programming, the new Foundation illuminates the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data. For more information, visit

About the Data Coalition

The Data Coalition advocates on behalf of the private sector and the public interest for the publication of government information as standardized, open data. Open data enhances accountability, improves government management, reduces compliance costs, and stimulates innovation. Representing a cross-section of the technology industry, the Coalition’s membership includes market leaders such as Workiva, RR Donnelley, Booz Allen Hamilton, and CGI Federal and growing start-ups such as idaciti and CBeyonData. For more information, visit



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