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Policy Priorities

As America’s premier voice on data policy, the Data Coalition community organizes its thought leadership and policy activities for  policies that enable government data to be high-quality, accessible, and usable. These priorities align with the non-profit Data Foundation's mission to improve government, business, and society for everyone with open data and evidence-informed decision-making.

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Open Data

While open data is now the legal default for federal government agencies to publish information, much work remains for the federal government to realize the vision and benefits of open government data.

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Financial Services & RegTech

The complexity of the U.S. financial regulatory reporting system, reliance on document-based reports, and provision of information in static documents limit the value of this data for regulators and industry.

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Data Sharing & Privacy

Collaboration improves government efficiency by capitalizing on the ingenuity in the data community, while also supporting agencies in their adoption of data-centric cultures that protect personally identifiable data.

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Evidence-Informed Decision Making

The Data Coalition community is committed to ensuring the Evidence Act is successfully implemented and seeing more evidence-informed and data-driven decision making throughout government.

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Innovation & Emerging Tech

Innovations and emerging technologies are becoming more ubiquitous, and federal lawmakers are beginning to consider how to deploy technologies to effectively leverage the government’s data assets.

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Federal Data Workforce

The Data Coalition community supports collaboration between government, industry, non-profits, and academia to ensure government data are accessible and useful for the American public.

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Topical Data Advocacy 

 The Data Coalition also prioritizes additional government-wide efforts prioritizes  specific policy domains that are prioritized by members as initial areas of focus to improve data quality, access, and use.

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